Property law – immoveable (real) and movable (personal) property

  • sale and purchase, endowment (donation), barter/exchange of moveable/personal property (chattel) and immovable (real) property
  • transactions with regard to the acquisition, assignment/transfer, and disposal of a legal interest in immovable/real property (conveyancing), including drafting of (notary) title deeds and representation before the Notary Public
  • due diligence with respect to prospective dealings with immovable property, including research/investigation regarding any security interest, encumbrance, or other adverse third-party rights or claims over immovable property
  • queries and filings to the Property Register (with the Registry Agency), the local offices of the national Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre Agency, and the revenue/taxation authorities
  • co-ownership – management and usage of co-owned assets
  • voluntary and court partition of concurrent estates
  • block of flats property management – rights and obligations of the owners/tenants in residential buildings with regard to common/shared areas and facilities, etc.
  • leasing and renting
  • disputes over right to possession and borders
  • acquisitive prescription
  • building lease (building permit) assignment
  • easements, covenants, (equitable) servitudes and other usufructuary and non-possessory rights in immovable (real) property
  • contractual and statutory mortgages
  • court and out-of-court protection of legal interest in moveable (personal) and immovable (real) property
  • transfer of vehicle ownership
  • acquisition of legal title to immoveable (real) property in Bulgaria by foreign citizens

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