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Last updated: March 29th, 2018


For the purpose of interpreting this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall have the meaning set out below:

  • Kalev & Partners (“we”, “us”, “our”)Kalev and Borisov law firm, having its seat and registered address at 110 V Varnenchik Blvd, fl. 3, office 8, Varna, Bulgaria, entered into the Bulgarian BULSTAT registry with BULSTAT code 103797577;
  • Subscriber – the individual (data subject), who has requested receiving a Service by using the respective online form located at;
  • Services – sending by Kalev & Partners of periodic e-mail updates related to legal matters, or reviewing and responding to legal enquiries sent through the contact form.


By filling in his/her e-mail and requesting the respective Service, each Subscriber confirms that he/she has read, fully understands, and accepts this Privacy Policy with regard to the processing of his/her personal data pertaining to the provision of the Services. This Privacy Policy is available on the following web page Privacy Policy.

Where the Subscriber is a minor above the age of 16, requesting a Service shall be conducted with the knowledge and consent of his parents or guardians with respect to requesting a Service and affirming having read this Privacy Policy. Where a subscriber is a minor below the age of 16, requesting a Service and affirming having read this Privacy Policy, respectively, shall be conducted by a parent or a guardian.

Kalev & Partners does not collect and process personal data of minors where it is aware that the consent has not been given in accordance with the conditions, as laid down above. If you think your child might have provided us with his/her personal data in breach of these conditions, please contact us by using the contact information provided in the Contact us section, and we shall promptly delete these personal data.

Basis for processing, types of personal data, means of collection, purposes of processing

Kalev & Partners acts as a personal data controller with regard to the Subscribers’ personal data that are being collected and processed with regard to the provision of the Services. Kalev & Partners stores and otherwise processes the Subscribers’ personal data in accordance with the applicable domestic acts and the relevant international legislation.

Kalev & Partners uses the consent given in the process of subscribing for the Services as the legal basis for the processing of the personal data of the Subscribers.

The strictly required information is limited to only the e-mail address that the respective Subscriber provides to us upon subscribing for a Service. Providing us with a name and a phone number upon requesting legal advice is optional and providing such data occurs solely at the respective Subscriber’s discretion. Kalev & Partners does not collect and does not receive personal data by other means. Providing the required personal data is a necessary condition for the provision of Services, as without this strict minimum of personal data Kalev & Partners will not be able to provide the Services.

Kalev & Partners deliberately limits the collection of personal data to the strict minimum required for the provision of the Services to its Subscribers. Moreover, whenever you subscribe for the periodic legal updates Service, we send an e-mail containing a verification link to make sure that you have indeed requested receiving this Service. Since the e-mail address is the only type of personal data that is necessarily required upon subscribing for a Service, you may choose to provide us with an e-mail account that has been registered for the purpose of receiving the respective Service in particular, and that, furthermore, does not contain your names, and as such would not allow identifying you, e.g.

Kalev & Partners processes personal data within the scope of the consent obtained for the purpose of providing the respective Service. Kalev & Partners does not and will not use the personal data of its Subscribers for any purposes, other than the ones stated in this Privacy Policy. Kalev & Partners does not perform automated decision making or profiling with regard to its Subscribers and their personal data.

Security of processing, retention periods, transfers of your personal data

The security of your personal data is crucial to Kalev & Partners. Even though Kalev & Partners may not guarantee the security unconditionally, Kalev & Partners has implemented and will maintain internal technical and organisational security measures for the protection of personal data against unauthorised access by third parties, such as storing the personal data on systems that require password authentication, as well as limiting the access to these personal data to a limited group of people who are directly responsible for administering the provision of the Services.

Kalev & Partners retains the personal data for as long as their processing is necessary with regard to fulfilling the purposes for which they have been collected, i.e. providing the Services for as long as the respective Subscriber is subscribed for and/or may benefit from said Services, as well as for no more than 6 months after these purposes have been fulfilled.

Transfers of personal data to third countries within the meaning and scope of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) are not envisaged, but, if ever necessary, they will be conducted in accordance with the conditions, as laid down in the said Regulation, and the Subscribers shall receive in advance all relevant information, as required by law.

With whom and why we share your personal data

The hosting provider that offers hosting services with regard to our website located at has access to the personal data of our Subscribers because of the nature of the services provided by this company.

Except for the case, as described above, Kalev & Partners does not and will not share personal data of its Subscribers with third parties, as well as to provide them with access to such data, except for when Kalev & Partners have a statutory obligation to disclose such data.

Cancelling Services

Each Subscriber has the right to withdraw the given consent for the processing of his/her personal data and to request their erasure by contacting us in writing by using the contact information provided in the Contact us section of this Privacy Policy. In such cases, Kalev & Partners will not have the necessary minimum of information to be able to continue providing the Services, and therefore, the Subscriber will not be able to continue receiving it.

Upon cancelling a Service, as described above or by virtue of clicking the unsubscription link, provided in every periodic legal update message Kalev & Partners will cease the processing of the respective personal data and will delete them, including from all archives and backup copies, within the term, as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Access to personal data, rectification of personal data

Each subscriber has the right to access to his/her personal data, including receiving a copy of the personal data undergoing processing. In case of inaccurate personal data, the Subscriber shall have to right to have his/her personal data rectified. The Subscriber has the right request erasure of his personal data (the “right to be forgotten”). The Subscriber shall also have the right to restriction on processing, to objection to processing, as well as to data portability.

Where a Subscriber has questions with regard to the rights listed above or would like to exercise any of them, he/she shall contact Kalev & Partners in writing by using the contact information provided in the Contact us section of this Privacy Policy.


By visiting our website (the “Website”) you give your consent for placing cookies on your devices, as well as for using them in accordance with purposes, as described in this section.

Cookies are small text files with data that are being placed on your computer or your mobile phone when you visit a certain website. They allow the website to remember certain actions you have taken and certain preferences that you have set (such as preferred language and other settings with regard to the visualisation and navigation on the website) for a certain amount of time so that you don’t need to set your preferences every time you visit the website or whenever you are browsing the different pages on the website.

Our Website uses session cookies and also persistent cookies that remain stored on your device for a certain amount of time after the end of the respective session – e.g. for storing your consent to our cookie policy so that you don’t need to see the respective cookie notice at the bottom of each page every time you visit the Website. We use the cookies placed on your device only for the sole purpose of offering the basic functionality of our Website pertaining to offering quality content for the benefit of the visitors. By virtue of having placed these cookies, we do not collect or otherwise process your personal data.

With regard to offering certain functionalities on our Website, it is possible that third-party cookies of other data controllers may be stored on your device while browsing our Website, such as those of Google, Inc. with regard to the Google Maps service that we use trough API integration, as well as those that allow liking and sharing our publications on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and VK. These third-party cookies and the respective collection of personal data are being administered by the respective third party, and Kalev & Partners does not have access to and does not process the personal data that may have been collected by such means, neither may exercise any control with regard to the way the respective third party may choose to process such personal data. If you would like to learn more about the way the third parties collect and process your personal data, you should refer to their respective privacy policies or send direct enquiries to them, where you choose to do so.

You may control and/or delete cookies – for more information and instructions, please visit You may choose to delete all cookies that have been stored on your device, as well to set most modern web browsers to refuse placement of cookies. Please note, however, that if you do so, it is possible that certain functionalities on our Website do not operate, as intended, or may be completely unavailable.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

When necessary, Kalev & Partners has the unilateral right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy. In such cases, the “Last update” date above will be updated to reflect such changes.

In case of making substantive amendments to this Privacy Policy, Kalev & Partners will give its Subscribers a two-week term (as of posting of each such amendment on this page) for the Subscribers to review such changes.

Within the said two-week term, the Subscribers may explicitly request in writing, by using the contact information provided in the Contact us section of this Privacy Policy, that they do not accept the amendments to the Privacy Policy. In such cases, the personal data of the respective user will be deleted and the provision of the respective Service – terminated. If a Subscribers does not explicitly object to any amendments within this two-week term, it shall be deemed that he/she accepts the amendments to this Privacy Policy that shall govern the processing of his/her personal data from that point onwards.

Dispute resolution, final provisions

If you disagree with any of the practices, as described in this Privacy Policy, Kalev & Partners encourages you to reach out to Kalev & Partners by using the contact information provided in the Contact us section, so that we can try to solve any issue with you in an informal manner. Where a Subscriber does not wish to use this type of communication or where he/she is not satisfied with Kalev & Partners’ response, it is the right of the Subscriber to refer his concern to the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection.

Should any provision of this Privacy Policy be found invalid or unenforceable, the Privacy Policy as a whole will not be deemed unenforceable.

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