Commercial and corporate law

  • legal consultations with respect to all types of commercial transactions and business dealings
  • full legal support for commercial entities
  • legal consultations with respect to the options for the type and the structure of the company to be formed, tailored to best reflect the client’s business practices
  • drafting of legal documents and performing any and all actions required for a company establishment and the respective registering in the Commercial Registry (with the Registry Agency) – sole establishments, limited liability companies (LTD/LLC), joint stock companies (JSC/PLC), sole proprietors, branches of local and foreign commercial entities, cooperative societies, general partnerships, commandite (limited partnership) companies, holdings, etc.
  • drafting of Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association, amendments and supplementations to existing documents
  • drafting of management contracts and internal company documentation, such as internal policies, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and non-competition agreements (NCA), codes of ethics/conduct, etc.
  • legal protection of the lawful rights and interests of commercial entities against unfair commercial practices, such as: unfair competition, solicitation of clients/businesses or employees (poaching), unauthorised disclosure (divulgation) of trade secrets and other confidential information, abuse of superior bargaining power in commercial negotiations, misleading advertising, etc.
  • transactions with regard to commercial entities – transfer and assignment of part or all of the shares in the capital of a commercial entity
  • protection of the shareholders’ rights, repeal of resolutions of the General Assembly, settling disputes between shareholders
  • drafting and filing of all types of legal documents required by the Commercial Register of Bulgaria in cases of changes of the legal form of a company, changes in the structure of a company, changes in the management of company, increase/decrease of share capital, adding/removal of shareholders, in-kind (non-monetary) contributions to the capital, transfer and assignment of shares, etc.
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • online submission of legal documents to the Commercial Register of Bulgaria
  • online filing of Annual Financial Reports to the Commercial Register of Bulgaria, including drafting the full set of all compulsory relevant documents
  • appeals against Commercial Register’s refusals
  • winding-up and liquidation of commercial entities

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