Requirements for foreign citizens with respect to residence, owning property, and employment in Bulgaria

  • full legal support for foreign citizens and members of their families with respect to the requirements and conditions regarding entering into the state, residence, employment, and owning of property in Bulgaria
  • acquisition of legal title to immoveable (real) property in Bulgaria by foreign citizens
  • representation before the Commercial Register of Bulgaria, the BULSTAT Register (unified national register), the Registry Agency, the Property Register (with the Registry Agency), the national Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre Agency, Notary Public offices, National Revenue Agency, Ministry of Interior, etc.
  • drafting of legal documents and providing legal assistance with regard to application for, extension of, and renewal of all types of short-term and long-term residency permits, temporary or permanent, based on marriage, residential stay, commercial agency, etc.
  • statutory permits for employment of foreign citizens in Bulgaria, cross-border assignments of foreign employees to Bulgaria
  • legal support and representation before the competent authorities with respect to acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship – by descent, by naturalization, by investment, etc.
  • legal consultations and advice with respect to other procedures under Bulgarian legislation concerning foreign citizens in Bulgaria, including Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act, Bulgarian Citizenship Act, and other related laws and regulations
  • inheritance (succession) – administration and distribution of the estate of a foreign citizen in Bulgaria, probation and execution of wills in Bulgaria

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