Contract law

  • contracts, preliminary agreements, requests, applications, appeals, legal notices, POAs, (notary) title deeds, settlement agreements, declarations/statements, writs of execution, documents for entering public sales/auctions,  various other types of legal documents
  • providing feedback, comments, and recommendations for amendments on drafts of legal documents, at any stage of negotiation process
  • sale and purchase, lease, works, leasing, loan, commission, and other types of contracts
  • Commercial agency, distribution , and franchise
  • private international law – contracts between local and foreign natural and legal persons (individuals and entities)
  • drafting of legal documents and performing actions with regard to equitable charges – personal guarantee, mortgage, pledge, etc.
  • assignment of rights and obligations, satisfaction of obligations
  • proclaiming (enforcing) the binding effect of a preliminary agreement by the court
  • cancelling and terminating contracts – by the court and without recourse to courts
  • proclaiming the nullity of void and voidable contracts and contractual provisions
  • court and out-of-court protection against torts and unjust enrichment
  • establishing, registering, amending, and terminating civil companies under the Bulgarian Obligations and Contracts Act

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